Alhamdulillah… Paper di terima oleh ICAF UMY


Dear Budi Wahyu Mahardhika and Colleague ,

In place



Based on the Blind Review results related to your paper submitted to 4th ICAF UMY 2018, we would like inform you that your paper is accepted to be presented in the conference. Therefore should you please to do registration as the following steps :

  1. Fill in the registration form and make a payment no more than 14th April 2018 and send the copy of payment document to our email:
    Registration form link :
  2. Send Power Point (PPT) of presentation (contain your paper material) to our email no more than 14th April 2018  

    We are waiting for your participation in ICAF. Thank you very much.

    Best Regard

    Chief of Accounting Department UMY                     Chief of Committee 4th ICAF UMY


     Assoc. Prof. Ahim Abdurrahim                                   Hafiez Sofyani, M.Sc